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The Barman is a new device for your home bar that makes pouring your favorite drinks, even complicated recipes, easy.

If you’re anything like me, you like hosting people at your house more than you like going out to the bar. The problem? Unless one of your guests is an experienced bartender the drinks are always either sub-par or require a lot of tedious measuring to make. Now, the Barman is available to help us homebodies pour the perfect drink every time. This project was recently successfully funded on Kickstarter and adds a little high-tech fun to any home bar!

Says the makers of this nifty device and companion mobile app,

“Everyone wants to be able to mix great drinks quickly, easily, and precisely the way they like it. Whipping out a large recipe book and measuring shots with jiggers is a pain. You have to look at the recipe, hold the jigger in one hand, the bottle in the other, trying not to over-pour, then look back at your recipe, and so on… It’s not an easy task.

The idea for the Barman came to me in 2007 while struggling to make the perfect Long Island Ice Tea for my wife. I thought, there has to be a better way to easily mix drinks accurately.”

To use the Barman, simply set your glass on the device, choose your favorite drink, select the size you’re making, and follow the pouring directions. As you pour, there’s a status bar that shows you how much you have left to go and the drink is lit up with a green light. The Barman will alert you when to stop pouring each component of your drink for the perfectly mixed cocktail by telling you to stop on the screen and by turning red. Like your drinks a bit stronger than normal? Want to customize your own mix? You can do that too, and program the Barman to remember your drink so you can make it again in the future!

When you make a new drink, you can also share it with your friends. So, if they also have the Barman app, they can download your recipe and make the drink at home too.

Another great feature of the Barman is that you can tell it what you have in the house and it will display a list of drinks you can make. If you don’t feel like running to the store for supplies, this is a great option.

Is the Barman a must-have device for your home? Maybe not, but it certainly is fun! And at the Kickstarter price point of just $49 (or $59 is you want four liquid pourers as well), you really can’t go wrong.

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