Posted by Renee Schmidt

Buzzdoes rewards you for spreading the word about your favorite apps. Recommend an app, earn reward points and turn them into cash or get free apps!

We all love to share. With the internet becoming increasingly more social, most of us surf the internet based on recommendations from those in our social networks. For instance, you sign in to Facebook and your wall is abound with recommendations, both sponsored and viral. We then return the favor by sharing and ‘liking’ things ourselves. Word-of-mouth marketing has always been powerful and today, with a marketplace awash in advertising, there’s little authentic influence aside from the voice of someone you know or trust. That’s why the modern consumer is comfortable seeking and giving advice on everything from movies to restaurants to childcare to entertainment and information sources through social –it’s our primary way to source vendors. I know for myself, I just list who/what I’m looking for as a status update. Unfortunately, we don’t get any monetary benefit from all our hard work –that is, until now.

Introducing Buzzdoes, an app that rewards you when you recommend an app and spread the word about your favorite apps.

Here how it works: Buzzdoes is an app add-on. You don’t need to download anything or go through a messy registration process to use it – just click on the button that appears near an app. Once you click, all your Facebook contacts will appear in a simple unified view and you can simply select who you wish to recommend that app to.

The exciting part: if your friends download the app you recommended, you will be rewarded with credits which you can use for cash, free apps, vouchers or you can donate your credits to charities. Help your friends find apps they will love while also helping positive causes around the world –all while doing something you’re doing anyway.

There are approximately 60,000 new apps delivered to app markets every month. That may sound like bad news to developers who pour months of work into an app, only to have it fall with a thud into a marketplace that never takes notice. And imagine what it feels like to consumers? They have an average of 65 apps on their smartphones already. They use about 15 on a regular basis. And here comes another one – or another 60,000. How can they figure out whether or not they want the amazing app that was just hit the market? With Buzzdoes, it’s a lot easier to figure it out.

Buzzdoes is a great way to recommend an app and discover new apps. Help your favorite apps get discovered while enjoying perks at the same time! If you’re concerned about spam, worry not. Buzzdoes, which is available for iOS and Android,  includes anti spam mechanisms that maintain high recommendation quality. And you won’t be able to recommend apps to people you don’t know.

Try Buzzdoes for iOS and Android here… and don’t forget to share responsibly!