Posted by Renee Schmidt

Imagine running Windows 7 on an iPad… sounds cool?  It’s real!  Cloud Desktops make it possible.  A Virtual Cloud Desktop is a personal, centralized computer located in the Cloud. Using any Internet connected device or thin client (i.e. an iPad), you can access your desktop from anywhere in the world.

What you see on your screen is a virtual image of the processing taking place off-site.  Since the processing is not local to your device, you can run complex applications that are otherwise unsupported by the device (ex: run Adobe Photoshop right off your iPad!).

I carry my iPad in my purse everywhere I go.  My iPhone 4 on Verizon acts as my tether.  With my Desktop in the Cloud, I can work from anywhere with a Verizon signal.  Sounds amazing?  It is!  Cloud Desktops have revolutionized my life!

Many people gripe that the iPad’s virtual keyboard is uncomfortable, so the idea of using it as a full-time computer doesn’t sound realistic.  Logitech and ZAGG had an answer in mind when they teamed up to create this thin, eye-catching keyboard case that I wrote about a few weeks ago.

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This super thin case is really light weight, adding only about ¼” to the iPad 2.  Pair this keyboard case with a Cloud Desktop and you have a robust workstation (weighing only 3lbs) in your bag at all times!

What are the Benefits of Cloud Desktops?
Hardware: Can run on any internet-connected device and requires only a thin-client (ex: access your desktop from an iPad).  Preferred to having the OS running local to the machine (which requires an expensive/robust workstation with unnecessary surplus of processing power).
Software: Software runs in the cloud; the end-user need not worry about the purchase of per workstation licensing (ex: Windows, Office, Adobe, etc.)
Elasticity: Ability to increase/decrease processing power infinitely, as needed (as opposed to increasing via purchase of additional memory; limited)
Reduced Management Costs: Cloud Desktops make technical support virtually obsolete (whereas physical desktops require management and, in the event of failure, they may need to be rebuilt)
OS Compatibility: Cloud Desktops make your Operating System (OS) completely agnostic of the hardware you are running it on, enabling you to run any OS on any internet connected device (ex: run Windows on a Mac and  visa versa).
Remote Access: Because your Cloud Desktop can be accessed from anywhere in the world –you have ultimate flexibility in your workspace.

I’ve created a clear and concise video demonstration / tutorial of how to use an iPad and iPhone 4 (as a tether) to carry your desktop with you everywhere you go.

Bulky, expensive and robust physical desktops are rapidly becoming obsolete.  Thanks to Virtualization technology, Cloud Desktop Providers NYC are lowering overall technology costs, enhancing efficiency, boosting productivity and changing the way we compute.  This Cloud Desktop was provided by Madison Technology.  If you would like to learn more about Cloud Computing, click here.