Posted by Renee Schmidt


SEEK or SHOUT, an online network for Journalist, Bloggers, Feelancers and Communicators (i.e. ‘tastemakers”) pairs up with Cision

Cision is a leading, web-based public relations (PR) tool for finding almost any media content needed. Cision helps PR professionals target pitches, connect with audiences, monitor coverage, and manage campaigns –all the elements it takes to get a story out. Cision is great for members from all sorts of media outlets to find the best leads. But if you’re not in the mainstream media, don’t fret!  Just last month, Cision announced their collaboration with SEEK or SHOUT, a mainstream online network for Journalist, Bloggers, Feelancers and Communicators (i.e. ‘tastemakers.)

Like Cision, SEEK or SHOUT enables its users to SEEK sources to interview, products to review, and story ideas for content they’re creating. It also allows users to SHOUT any content, stories, blog posts, and campaigns if in need of input or resources. Chief Executive Officer of Cision North America, Peter Granat says, “The social web is blurring the lines between journalist, bloggers, and all content contributors- creating tens of millions of online influencers and making every company a publisher.” Designed for the multi-tasker-content creator, SEEK or SHOUT is an easy and productive way to get the right story and the right resources for any media publication.

Check out how SEEK or SHOUT works:

Learn more about SEEK or SHOUT here.