Posted by Renee Schmidt

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Send Printed Greeting Cards from your iPhone to Anywhere in the World with Cleverbug

How many birthdays have you “celebrated” on a Facebook Wall lately – too many, right? It’s quick and easy to slap a “Happy Birthday!” on someone’s Timeline – so easy that you’re probably doing it for all the birthdays in your contact list, even for your closest friends and family!

Well, now there is Cleverbug! A new app that aims to bring the magic back to birthdays with real, printed greeting cards and without the all the fuss of last-minute trips to the card store and post-office.

This recently launched iPhone app acts as a sort of “birthday butler” reminding you of all the upcoming birthdays in your Facebook network, and then helping you send beautifully printed and personalized cards to the people you care about, wherever they are. With over 75 on-the-ground printing facilities worldwide – more than any other card provider – Cleverbug can help you quickly send a birthday card to a friend in London or directly to your boyfriend’s hotel while he’s in Tokyo on business.

One of the things we love most about Cleverbug is its ability to let “Type-A”, ahead-of-the-game users personalize and queue up cards way in advance. Say you want to make absolutely sure you get a card to your uncle – whose birthday you always forget; queue it up months in advance and Cleverbug will make sure your uncle receives a beautiful birthday card, on time and from you. How cool is that?

Also, Cleverbug uses a sophisticated Facebook algorithm to present users with a personalized store of cards with content and photos chosen specially for them. Once connected to Facebook, Cleverbug can determine your relationship to a Facebook Friend (friend, mother, boyfriend, etc.) and can then load up a selection of cards with great photos of you together so that it’s extra-personalized.

For example, if you select a college friend, Cleverbug will pull up photos of spring break or parties in the dorms. But you can also use any photo, and there are options to take new snapshots with your iPhone’s camera, or upload photos from the camera roll.

Here’s how it works:

1. Download Cleverbug
2. Select a friend
3. Let the app load photos into the template designs (there are dozens!)
4. Personalize with a note
5. Send – Either directly to the recipient or to yourself (if you want to hand deliver the card, personally)
6. Done!

It’s so easy! With more than 7 million birthdays already in the Cleverbug network, make sure you don’t miss out on the party. The Cleverbug team is also planning on launching a number of new expansions for the upcoming holidays, so stay tuned.

Are you ready for Mother’s Day this year? Let Cleverbug make sure you don’t miss it!