Posted by Renee Schmidt

Do you love him or should you leave him? Wondering “Should I Break Up?” This new app can help! 

If you’re wondering whether or not to break up with your boyfriend –guess what? There’s an app for that!

Oxytocin makes us do crazy things. In a flurry or hormonal bliss, we can often find ourselves restless, even downright fickle, and unsure as to the culprit. Is he the reason we’re capricious? Now we have an app to take the guesswork out of it; to help us decide!

Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend is an app that tracks your emotional ups and downs.  The app sends you a reminder each day, asking you to rate how you feel about your beaux. You can rate him as often as you desire, even adding notes to each rating.

The application asks you to track your man for a minimum of two weeks; when you’re done rating him, you receive objective advice based on the unique patterns in your entries.

Sort of like a relationship journal, the app helps you find patterns you may otherwise miss from day-to-day, which can help you to identify whether you are pushing away Mr. Right or staying with Mr. Wrong.

The app also lets you keep entries from relationships past, to see if you can find personal trends, or to compare notes from one guy to the next (so you never forget what’s great and what’s not).

Learn more about the app or purchase it here from iTunes for $0.99.

FYI: if you decide to break up with him, make sure to check out this article on Social Media after a Breakup for some useful tips on how to triage!