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Product measurements matter!

SheBytes is uber-involved when it comes to female technology and product studies. What has become evident to numerous companies, like Bang and Olufsen because of previously failed attempts to break through to the female market, by companies like Lego, is is that women don’t only care about making things pink. A TechCrunch article titled “Ladies Love Cool Gadgets Too, Says Study”, has a couple of great stats that are making waves on the Internet, but chief among them is the one enumerated below:

“Where men and women differ, however, is on size…”

Women are Keen on Product Measurements

These are exactly the particularly perceptive and subtle types of differences that huge companies must pick up on, during R & D and market research initiatives, if they ever want to make a true and triumphant move into the female tech sector.

An excellent quote explaining this phenomenon; of womankind’s philosophy of “Size Matters”, is what Jessica Boothe, a manager of strategic research had to say on the topic:

“Women don’t want to be catered to with ultra-feminine looking products; they simply prefer lightweight devices that can fit smaller hands and smaller body frames. Women play many roles, like mother, spouse and career women, and CE products that can perform many functions are a necessity.”

What Jessica invokes here is the simple but profound idea that women look at tech from its functional standpoint, something SheBytes has picked up on and keyed into it’s ‘About’ page. Because women are always keen on thinking about how this precise piece of tech will play into their daily lives, they are more tuned in to specific product measurements and specs.

Size Matters

So for all those naysayers out there, size matters…when it comes to tech at least 😉

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