Posted by Renee Schmidt

I’m rather obsessed with Social Media (an understatement at best). Apparently, so is Snoop Dogg!  Social Media is a broad term that means much more than “the use of web-based…technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue.”

Sure, my activity includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon, RSS, YouTube and Disqus, (to name a few), but the truth is, while this may be overwhelming for others, for me, it’s just the beginning. Actually, the number or choices of which Social Media services you decide to use is totally unimportant. What’s crucial is the way in which you are able to harness these tools to create, engage and capture an audience.

Of course, this task is far from easy, but I always like sharing truly creative ideas which can help. Our suave friends at Mashable are always on top of things, and I’d like to snip some of my favorites from a recent article titled, “5 Ways to Encourage Customers to Share Your Content”:

  • Superfans are individuals who are not only loyal to you personally, but are able to generate substantial increased loyalty on their own. Superfans are valuable assets to “smart marketers” who should “identify and reward these superfans…and further provide them with ways to carry on their message.”
  • Snoop Dogg (of all people), made a brilliant move recently by using Facebook’s simple platform to exploit the economic cornerstone model, of supply and demand. He set up a system where, like GroupOn, “each day, one product is featured for a special group deal – the more “Likes” the product gets, the lower the price”. As Snoop knows, this is hugely beneficial in terms of profits. Because of the elasticity of demand, he will be able to profit from an increased number of buyers, each buying at progressively lower prices. In addition, his name, image and products will get free, consumer motivated publicity; creating pure “interactive dialogue”.


In the same vein, SheBytes is more than just a blog. It is a platform and conduit for all of these abstract pieces of Social Media. The overarching goal; however, is to establish a loyal community solidly based on producing and sharing “interactive dialogue”.

So comment below, and tell your friends about these concepts so that they too will be able to garner a serious following (Snoop Dogg has 10,807,130 “Likes”, as of this morning)!  Come on Super Fans –show me some love!