Posted by Renee Schmidt


Social Media is changing the landscape of, well… everything.  Even baking.  Check out these Social Media cookies!

My friend and fellow technologist Dawn Doherty re-tweeted this really awesome article by Katie Lance: An Impressive Example: Getting Social Media Right.  I thought Katie’s story was so phenomenal, I had to repost. 

Katie Lance is a social media panelist and she travels quite a bit for work.  She uses social media to promote the events at which she is speaking.  While staying recently at the The Westin Bayshore, Katie noticed that the hotel was tweeting and promoting her event the hotel was hosting.  Later, when she checked into her room, she found 3 social media cookies on her dresser: a Facebook logo, a Twitter logo, and one with a QR code.  When she scanned the code with her iPhone QR app, there was a personalized welcome message from the hotel!  Katie was so impressed with the Westin’s social media savvy that she tweeted it out to thousands of people (as did the other panelists/guests).  Within minutes, over 30,000 tweeters knew about what The Westin Bayshore was doing.

Katie sums it up best “That’s why I know that social media is one of the best forms of word-of-mouth advertising. Imagine what The Westin Bayshore would have had to paid to get that type of buzz at one event?

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