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The CEO of Tech Company Yipit knows a thing or two about starting up a startup.

The man behind the magic; Vinicius Vacanti (@vacanti), frequently blogs on his website that shares a name with…umm…himself: He writes specifically about entrepreneurship and the roller coaster world of startups, and a recent post really caught my attention.

The article is titled: “Why I Quit My Job to Start a Tech Company” and I was captivated as I quickly read it through.

When I took a moment to reflect I realized something blaringly obvious:

I also “quit my job to start a Tech Company”!

My own company, Madison Technology, is an NYC based Cloud Computing company which offers Managed Hosting and Full Lifecycle IT Solutions.

Even more astounding, is the next similarity I found between Vacanti and myself:

Both of us quit jobs in finance in order to launch our tech startups!

Because of these similarities, I realized the importance of writing about Yipit (@yipit), Vacanti’s tech company on SheBytes, specifically focusing on how Yipit came to be.

Yipit offers the “best of the daily deals to our users based on the preferences they have expressed to us.” And is centered around a learning software which will ensure that you aren’t barraged with irrelevant coupons and deals, but will rather act as a thoughtful mother who is consistently browsing the papers and cutting out only those coupons you’d actually like to use.

Go check it out for yourself and join Yipit!

Well anyway, one of the amazing things about Yipit’s CEO and Co-Founder Vacanti is that he was making a huge salary in his finance position and was just settling into it only a few years out of college. The only problem was that he became aware that being comfortable in his current job was not a good place to be.

He realized “the only way to know how good you might be at something is to fail trying it.”

This simple idea began to make him think about his work-life. He noticed that he had never really failed at what he did and therefore became comfortable to do what seemed easy…for Vacanti that was finance.

Because he knew he would be unable to continue working in finance if he never took the risk and gave the tech sector a try he decided to quit (that must’ve been tough), and begin Yipit!

Did he succeed right off the bat?

Well at first…NO! (Disclaimer: I CAN RELATE!)

“I got knocked down many, many times. For the first 2 years, I had no idea what I was doing…”

But eventually Vacanti launched Yipit and its currently growing rapidly.

Let this be an example to all of us that only with risk taking and wild failure emerges wild success

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