Posted by Renee Schmidt

An awesome Credit Card Case for the iPhone 4 that makes a wallet obsolete!

Early this week, I was out at lunch with my techie-gal pal, Julija.  When the bill came, she reached into her bag to seemingly grab her wallet but she pulled out her iPhone instead.  That was odd, but what happened next baffled me more; she slid out her credit card from the back of her iPhone 4 protective case!  Turns out she was sporting an iPhone 4 ID Credit Card Case from Case-Mate.  I was impressed! 

I’m not for big purses full of heavy things.  I travel light; especially when I am riding my motorcycle (which is fairly often).  The  iPhone 4 ID Credit Card Case from Case-Mate is perfect for that.  It combines a wallet and protective case into one, making your wallet obsolete!

Featuring a slim slot that easily holds up to two credit cards, the case is ideal for a credit card, ID, key card or business card.  The snug fit ensures that the cards will not fall out. A hard exterior protects and covers the back and sides of the iPhone with an impact resistant shell.  Available in 9 colors.  The Metallic color (pictured above) looks super sleek; definitely my favorite! 

$34.99 at