Posted by Renee Schmidt

We technology bloggers are a non-political, fun-loving and warm bunch of folk.  That’s why I have so much love in my heart for you!  We like sticking together and helping each other along on our respective journeys through the blogosphere. 

When SheBytes was just getting its start, we got a nice helping hand from JoeHobot, blogger at and former owner of, a well-respected, industry-leading technology blog that he recently sold.  Joe appointed me as co-editor at, which helped me build street credibility quick!  He also taught me all sorts of neat tricks, like SEO strategy and Google Panda, even going so far as to do an entire 2-hour WebEx with me to install critical WordPress plugins on SheBytes.  Why was Joe so helpful?  In his own words he “just wanted to help”  When he saw SheBytes come up in his Twitter feed (by chance), he re-tweeted my URL to 50K+ people simply because he was amused by the creativity of the domain name.  I messaged a big thanks and it led into a conversation about my ambitions and life in general.  Before you know it, he was a mentor, committed to showing me the blogging ropes. It was really special and very kind!  I won’t forget it!

SheBytes has led to other friendships too, like DVDaniels, a Long Island blogger ( that tweets and blogs about social media, tech and the NY Mets.  David has also offered up helpful tips for my blogging game, like creating a proper 404 page (working on it!) and adding a Favicon (considering it!).  He’s also a huge fan of Google+, which I’m not too thrilled on, but maybe with a bit more pushing, I’ll change my mind… who knows. 

Well, as you know, I relaunched my blog yesterday.  I tweeted about it and David replied with an awesome tweetpic (above).  I melted!  Obviously I had to share!

This post is to you David, and to you Joe, and to all the other awesome technology bloggers out there.  Xo to all of you!