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CuteGeek, a technology blog written from the female perspective, recently did a profile on me: Brilliant Women in Technology: Meet Renee Schmidt  so I thought it would be proper to return the favor.  CuteGeek is a unique and user friendly technology blog with a guiding philosophy that can be summed up in a statement made by co-founder Radiris Diaz; “we represent everything men are and more…” Not only does this mean that CuteGeek is operated by women who call themselves geeks (although I call them heroines), but also that its content is directed at the technologically inclined modern woman.

May 4th, 2011 – Cute Geek

Feature story on Renee Schmidt at http:/

CuteGeek is user friendly; full of genuinely funny, entertaining and most importantly; easily and readily available tech information for the average woman. Even if you aren’t the most tech-ed out individual you know, CuteGeek is super at breaking down and dissecting new products, weighing in on debates thriving in the male dominated tech sector and just making you laugh. And if you do have a predilection for the newest and coolest in up-to-the-minute equipment and are sick of reading about high-tech beer coolers and Transformers robots, then CuteGeek is your kind of site.

But all joking aside (alright maybe most joking aside), CuteGeek is more than just the feminine perspective on the blossoming technology world. First off, it is often hard to relate to other technology blogs because men forget that women don’t only “care about the aesthetics of a product”, but also about its “price, durability, practicality and functionality…”

Second, even when men attempt to walk in our shoes for a moment and think of great new products for womankind they ultimately fail. Not just because high heels are tricky the first few times, but mainly because altering perspectives to such a large degree is simply too difficult. Because consumer behavior and tastes have a direct impact on the producers in the market, it is vital that the female voice is heard so that women get the cute and futuristic products they deserve.

And lastly, it is one of, if not the only, tech blog I am aware of that is totally devoted to the brave stand for a female presence in the area of technology (with the exception of SheBytes, of course) :). It is a call to action for all women who understand that the world is deeply lacking; even devoid, of ladylike love (for lack of a better term), for hi-tech stuff!