Posted by Renee Schmidt

There’s news for all business women… and it’s good!  But let’s deal with the “bad news” first: with wages, women earn less than men…

The graph below makes this almost too clear. Across the board, women who do the same jobs as men, can expect to receive a smaller paycheck at the end of the week.

But this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a brighter side to the story!

In order for us to really recognize the “good news”, let’s first gain some perspective on women in the workplace:

  • According to the CollegeTimes, “In 1900, fewer than 20% of women participated in the labor market”

Now let’s reflect on this for a moment…

A little over a hundred years ago, if you met a woman on the street, there would be a less than one in five chance she had any type of job!

Today, things are pretty different.

Although there is clearly still a large wage differential between men and women, there are definitely positive indicators that women are taking charge:

  • 95% of family financial decisions are made by women”

How exciting is that?!

And here’s my personal favorite:

  • “Women in business will invest $44.5 billion in high tech products this year”

Even if I wasn’t a major techie, I would find this stat to be really encouraging.

Now, women not only play a major monetary role in the workforce, and the home, but also hold the reins of technology’s tomorrow.

Women are the one’s sowing the seeds and ensuring a brighter future!