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With so many iPhone 5 rumors swirling, we thought we’d write a post to set the record straight!

Renee published an article yesterday about the iPhone 5 on the tech site MWD (Mixed Web Data) and I have to say I loved it. Now some of you may be thinking that I actually have to say that I loved it, because I’m working with Renee on SheBytes  for the summer, but the truth is that Renee’s awesome, in that she pretty much gives me free reign as a poster and contributor to SheBytes. This allows me to write about what I want, and to incorporate various and disparate elements into my posts, like Denzel Washington’s role in Man on Fire, just because I’m able to make it relevant. I also happen to think that makes reading my articles more interesting for readers (something I hope others agree with me on).

So let me tell you what it was about Renee’s article that made me love it so much: first of all, the article focuses on an issue which is being hotly debated right now all over the web; the prospective iPhone 5 release date. This being the topic of conversation, the article first gives an insight into Apple’s general approach and specifically, into their sales strategy. Then the discussion moves to the release date. It starts off enjoyable and entertaining, but still manages to cover the technical aspects of the dispute, a quality too scarce amongst most technologically inclined internet bloggers these days.  But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself [via].

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