Posted by Renee Schmidt

The tech scene is flooded with new tech start-ups; we’ve decided to put together a list of a few that are making moves on the tech scene.

Each of us can name at least one friend who has had (or thought they had) a killer idea for the next big app. But how many of those ideas actually take off? Not many. Maybe it’s because the idea wasn’t brilliant after all, or maybe the Silicon Valley venture capital was missing. Whatever the case may be, in actuality, the start-up scene is flooded with apps and services that are more than worthy of investment. Here are our favorite new tech start-ups!


Pinterest is already ranked the third-most popular social media site next to Facebook and Twitter.  Users can pin items and images they find on the web to their virtual ‘tack board’ to keep track and/or save for future use. The concept focuses on people’s interest over expanding social connection. It also makes for an attractive home base for images and content you love.


Quora is a question-and-answer website that was founded by two early employees of Facebook, Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. Quora lets you ask about any question. “How many businesses does Donald Trump own?” It reminds me of but better (we’ve come a long way since Y2K!).


(My personal favorite! So excited it has finally hit NYC!) It’s rush hour… you can’t hail a cab in Manhattan.  Or let’s say you’re outside Manhattan; good luck hailing a cab –ever. Uber is changing all that; it’s a start-up “that pairs off-duty private car drivers with stranded passengers.” These drivers are given iPhones and software that sync their location to yours when in use; the closest driver will be there to pick you up within seconds! Uber was started in San Francisco and has spread to eight major cities; surprised it’s taking so long to get to NYC… but we’re excited to welcome it!


TaskRabbit (pictured above) allows internet-sought strangers to rent spare bedrooms, park in their garages, and even count on them to run errands. It is all about collaboration in our new economy. Couldn’t hurt to make some extra money off that empty space you have in the garage right?

What new tech start-ups are you most excited about?