Posted by Jesse Braunstein

What does Jell-O know about marketing? A lot! 

Using strategically placed marketing machines with age recognition technology, Kraft (the creators of the Jell-O brand) makes a brilliant move for Jell-O’s new adult intended line of flavors called ‘Temptations.”

As you can see in the video above, vending machines like these were placed around areas with good foot traffic with the intention of dispensing free Jell-O Temptations, but with a twist. Using age recognition software, the machines only dispensed to those who were “old enough” for the Temptations.

To me, this is ingenious.

By doing this, Kraft markets exclusively to parents and adults who are both health conscious but also want to treat themselves to a well deserved and tempting snack. Additionally, we all know that everyone wants what they can’t have. Now parents aren’t cruel, but they definitely know how to enjoy what their kids aren’t allowed to. This builds brand loyalty between adults and the company in a psychological way, because parents will be satisfied both by the taste of the product and by the exclusivity of indulgence.