Posted by Renee Schmidt


Physicist Jason Steffen cuts airplane boarding time in half.  Awesome video byte about efficiency during airplane boarding that saves millions of dollars!

I publish this post as I am en-route to Florida.  I am headed down south to Boca Raton and then Ft. Lauderdale with my friend Miguelina!  My gal pal Bryce will also be joining in a few days.  Woohoo –can’t wait! 🙂 

Traveling is mega fun, but of the airport, I can tell you first hand: NO ONE LIKES IT!  Whether you are a jet setter, a world traveler or you just enjoy getting away for an all too infrequent vacation (who doesn’t?), admittedly the airport is probably your least favorite part (it’s mine!).

That’s why I’m proud to show you the video above; about maximizing efficiency during airplane boarding.  Physicist Jason Steffen was able to cut boarding time in half!  This guy deserves an award.

Besides the fact that this method will make life infinitely better for flyers, the estimated “savings could be as much as $110,000,000 annually per carrier”, which would come out to “well over a billion dollars for the industry”…yeah; that’s awesome!