Posted by Renee Schmidt

You know those inventions that you hear of, and the next second; about a billion different possible applications for the new technology flood your mind?

Well this is definitely one of those!

The team at Zebra Imaging has developed what they call “digital holographic prints”.

You may be thinking that these astounding looking, 3D style images are “just holograms”. But the fact is; Zebra Imaging has now made it possible to create custom, full color, 360 degree, interactive models.

This now means that if you are an architect, a landlord, a city planner, a mechanical engineer, a school board (the list really goes on and on), there’s no need to buy an expensive 3 dimensional model. With this technology, Zebra Imaging allows you to take a 2D piece of plastic with you, which appears exactly like the 3D version!

So watch the video and let us know what you think Zebra Imaging can use this breakthrough for!