Posted by Renee Schmidt

image editing apps 12-30-2012

There are tons of image editing apps in the app market but which ones are good? If you’re looking to edit images on the go, try this apps list.   

The cell phone camera has become more than a complimentary camera; today with enhanced megapixel quality, it’s ‘the’ camera.  Although digital cameras largely obsolete, most of us don’t want to post pictures straightaway. Usually there is some editing needed, e.g for adding text, adding effects, or removing blemishes, red eye and more. Even if you’ve taken a perfect photo, sometimes improving contrast or changing the picture to grey scale can give it that added touch. Having a few image editing apps installed on your phone will help you do it all  –on the go!

Picking an app from the app market can mean spending many hours on painstaking research. Don’t waste your time, or your money. Just check out the features in this list and pick the app that addresses your needs!

  1. Filterstorm: Filterstorm offers a complete set of features and editing options- almost all the powerful features that you have on any robust Windows or Mac photo editing application. With editing tools such as shape manipulation, noise control, and color control, Photostorm stands at the top of photo editing apps available in the app market.
  2. PicFx: PicFx may not be the most powerful filter-based app but when comes to basic editing like cropping and resizing, it does the job efficiently. It offers filtering options with support for layers, although the feature is quite basic.
  3. Camera+: If you’re looking for image editing apps that just do the job quickly, then Camera+ is perfect for you. It’s a simple app that provides basic features. Its HDR feature gives you an easy way to make your images look stunning. You can also download exclusive filters within the app.
  4. Photoshop Express: Photoshop Express has all the basic editing features including noise reduction, cropping and adjusting image sharpness. Optional Camera Pack adds powerful image capturing features to this basic editor. The app is free to install but its most advanced features (added through in-app download) come with a price tag.
  5. PhotoPal: PhotoPal doesn’t have the best user-interface but it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to photo editing. You will love its rudimentary Spot Healing tool as well as Gamma adjustment. The app also provides excellent control for histogram levels and noise control.

These are just a few image editing apps I like. You can find hundreds of apps in the app market, each with its own specialty. The best way to find the one that’s right for you is to assess the features you use regularly, and find an app that specializes in just that.

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