Posted by Renee Schmidt

apps for women period tracker 12-31-2012

The app market has plenty of apps for women but it’s not always easy to find the right ones for you. With the help of this list, you can do so in minutes!

It’s true; there’s an app for just about everything (there’ an app for that!). That’s why it comes as no surprise that picking the best apps for women, from among thousands of lifestyle apps designed specifically for us, can be confusing! To help you get the right apps, I’ve prepared a list of some good ones. These apps have been vetted; they have excellent technical support and each app has a huge user base confirming its usability.

Dinner Spinner
Dinner Spinner is the perfect app for women for adding a little spin to your routine dinner recipes. The app lets you search for recipes based on the ingredients you have. The app comes in handy especially when you have someone coming over at short notice and you don’t have time to get the ingredients for cooking a detailed dinner. With Dinner Spinner, you just have to search for recipes using ingredients available at home and you will find something awesome. The app provides easy instructions in a mobile friendly way so that you can cook even if you’re not an expert chef.

Awesome Note
Awesome Note is a comprehensive note-taking app for women. It lets you set alarms for future events so that you don’t miss birthdays or other important events. You can also create sub-lists to ensure that everything is organized. The app also connects with Google to sync your notes so that you can access them everywhere even if you don’t have your mobile with you. Just access Google on any PC.

iBody is among the top apps for women when it comes to fitness and health. The app turns your phone into your health assistant. It helps you keep track of your fitness and workouts by helping you collect stats such as weight gain/loss, calorie burning rate, cholesterol level, and blood pressure. The app lets you register three different users, which means two other people in your home or your gym circle can also use it. It’s great for working out together and building motivation to achieve better health and fitness.

Whether it’s a list of top apps for women or men, Instagram always finds its place on it. It’s the best app for taking photos. With a number of professional affects, you can turn any ordinary photo into something special. With Instagram’s easy to use interface, women can easily take photos on the go, apply spectacular filters, and then post to social networks of their choice. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and a number of other platforms.

Period Tracker
No list for apps for women could be complete without adding an app for tracking menstrual periods. Period Tracker does the job with style. It helps you know about your coming cycle. Keeping track of your periods will help you understand when it’s high fertility period (if you’re trying to conceive –or not conceive) and when periods are delayed (in case you need to get an exam).

There are tons of other apps for women in the app market but these are some of the most essential. If you use another app and you think it deserves to be on this list for its functionality, design, or features, do drop a line in the comments below and I will be sure to review it!