Posted by Renee Schmidt

Revamp your image with a new hairstyle from the Tresemme Style Studio digital platform. Your locks (and looks) will never be the same.

The quest to find contentment and excitement with our tresses is one that escapes few. Even Hillary Clinton once said, “I’m undaunted in my quest to amuse myself by constantly changing my hair.” If you find yourself obsessed with your own crowning glory, know that you are not alone and that one site is committed to helping you achieve chameleon-like status.

The TRESemme Style Studio has a rich and current library of videos, all related to hair-styling. With over 100 options, you can create instant styles on-line or learn the usable techniques you’ve been hearing about. The TRESemme Style Studio is dedicated to helping you find the perfect style at any length. Visitors to the site will be thrilled to find even retro-styling tips and difficult braid styles. Here the runway meets the website, even offering tips on how to create faux-bobs (the same technique that takes model-hair from long to short without a swing of the shears).

The videos are short and often teach while teaching. For example; I learned about “snag-free” elastic and will now be on the lookout for it. Stylists are featured, camera angles are helpful, models are relatable and TRESemme even explains what products are needed to complete the looks in the video.

Also useful is the upload device that allows you to use yourself as a model. This feature, called “Instant Styler,” virtually transforms you. Photo tips are even offered to make sure you get the most out of your upload. You’re destined to spend a great deal of time “trying on” different styles, finding one that is right for you.

The TRESemme Style Studio also features videos that will help you stay trendy. If you’ve only imagined yourself sporting a “Curly Faux Hawk,” then imagine no more! In this styling video, you’ll learn about “cocktailing” products that will help you achieve the look. Encouraged to use your webcam to style along, fashionable looks seem within reach. Steps to achieve each style are even clearly subtitled, driving home the instruction. Still not sure? Print out recipe-style instructions and let recreation commence.

In an interesting “twist,” the TRESemme Style Studio categorizes styles that might be right for you in a most unique way; Girls Night Out, At the Office and Blushing Brides. These areas are often left out of more traditional design sites, though the need to learn of styling for these different arenas certainly exists. “In the Office” styles consist of the high pony and twisted bun. Ease is introduced as the theme here, much appreciated by the busy professional or even busier bridesmaid. The 5-minute hairstyle is revolutionary and requires only one product. The finished look is beautiful!

Each style can be easily sent to a friend. The site is completely manageable and fun. The quality of the videos is impressive. Models used are beautiful, but familiar. One can easily see themself achieving the styles explained in the TRESemme Style Studio. Stylists appear to have been chosen because of their clear and concise technique and ability to teach and explain. The overall result is clarity. After watching the styling videos featured here, it is doubtful that you will be left asking more questions.

If experimentation is something you enjoy, you will love the TRESemme Style Studio. Even if you’re not particularly daring, this site will still appeal to you. The pragmatic undertone of each instruction is something everyone will appreciate. But if it’s only a simple haircut you have scheduled, you will love the “Instant Styler.” It will take the guesswork out of your impending appointment and leave you with a confident message for your stylist.

Who knew technology would also transform my hair? Truly amazing!

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