Posted by Renee Schmidt

Your Tweet history will soon be available for download; Twitter is working on a tool that will let you download your tweet history, all in a single file.

A new Twitter tool will let you see your tweet history. This new Twitter tool is capable of fetching your history from day one – including those embarrassing tweets you probably never want to see again. But more importantly, those tweets you always wished you could retrieve.

Although this new Twitter tool is still under development, many tech bloggers are already blogging about it. It has generated massive interest even before launch. Because Twitter allows its users to see only their last few thousand tweets, there has long been a demand for something that can help you see all past tweets. Apart from its memory refreshing use, tweet history may serve a greater purpose, like analyzing a Twitter marketing strategy.

According to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, the new tool will allow users to download their entire history. They will be downloading a file, which will contain all the tweets sorted according to date.

We have seen many third-party Twitter tools that let you do the same but with many limitations. For instance, you can backup your tweets using many third-party tools. But these tools are either too costly or they are just too cumbersome to be used efficiently. The need for a comprehensive tool for backing up and downloading previous tweets has always existed, especially among marketers and strategists who rely heavily on Twitter to reach their target market. Twitter’s ability to let its users go back in time to see their older tweets will certainly add to the value of the social network, particularly for marketing uses.

Facebook and a few other social media companies have already rolled out some kind of a backup system to let their users save important historical data. When these social media companies started their services, hardly anyone could have imaged the need to keep social data secured; backup and the ability to download historical content weren’t even a thought. However, times have changed. Now Twitter and Facebook are central to many business strategies. They play a major role in helping businesses grow and reach their market.

The new tool will let users explore their tweets no matter how old they are. That said, however, Twitter is being careful not to create privacy mayhem. Costolo was very clear about how this tool can be used. It will not permit the download of someone else’s Tweets. This is in line with Twitter’s stance in a recent lawsuit with New York State, where Twitter is refusing to hand over the tweet history of a protestor involved in the lawsuit.

There is no news about the release date of this tweet history tool, or even about its development progress. However, Costolo did confirm that the company was working on it.