Posted by Andrew Garde Joia

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Are subscription services taking over your inbox? Use – your secret weapon to get your email back under control.

We wrote about in the past, while it was still in beta, but it’s so great, I had to tell you about it again. For me, finding was a godsend. My inbox was aswarm with subscription services, and the emails I really wanted to read were lost in the deluge.

It’s awful, but it happens to all of us. We hear that little “You’ve Got Mail” chime, and we get pumped – “Who wrote me? Who loves and remembers me? Who wanted to keep me in the loop of their awesome life events? Oh… it’s Best Buy. They are having another sale, and I’m still on their mailing list from 2004.”

Good grief! Discounts, groupons, coupons, newsletters, etc… everyday your mailbox fills with more and more junk, and it makes your inbox a mess. Sometimes, you’re not even sure you’re not looking at your Spam folder. Unsubscribing is a pain, and most of the time you’re not even sure how you got on a given list in the first place. The first time I used, it showed me that I was on almost 300 subscription lists, and at least half of them I had no idea about! Combining those with different social media notifications, I was receiving up to 50 separate emails a day – and this was for only one of my several email accounts. is the game changer. It will save you precious time every day. It will keep your inbox tidy. It will categorize, organize, and streamline. It will help you to unsubscribe from unwanted email subscriptions and organize the ones you do want. Instead of 150 emails everyday, will send you your own personalized “Rollup” – one email everyday, with a clean and beautiful digest of all of your subscriptions. It is simple and effective, and on your account page you can see the full list of all of your subscriptions so you can choose which to unsubscribe from, which to add to your Rollup, and which to send directly to your inbox. Trust me – it’s a cathartic and satisfying experience. also keeps track of all of the old subscription emails you’ve received. On your own time and when you feel like it, you can go back and scroll through all of those free vacation offers, discounted spa treatments, or that new toolset.’s beautiful layout and design looks great whether you are on a laptop, tablet or mobile device. It supports Gmail, Google Apps, and Yahoo and is currently working on supporting other email clients.

Take control of your inbox, and visit today.

Andrew Garde Joia is a freelance writer, business consultant, and web design professional. Actively involved in the New York Startup Technology scene, he is a regular volunteer with Ultralight Startups NYC and is the Managing Director for Customer Relations at Bedphones – The Headphones Designed for Sleep. To find out more about Andrew, visit his About.Me.