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There are many benefits to Cloud Computing! What are they? Our 6-part series of Bytes have covered them all: SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.  To recap the series, SaaS (Software as a Service) delivers a complete application as a service, PaaS (Platform  as a Service) delivers a platform on which to develop an application, and IaaS (Infrastructure  as a Service) is application independent and delivers a computing infrastructure as a fully-outsourced service.  All three have many benefits, as outlined in the visual below.

We also discussed DaaS (Desktop as a Service): a form of computing where your workstation is in the cloud.  With Cloud Desktops, what you see on your monitor is just a virtual image of the processing happening off-site.

Cloud Computing Benefits

For a growing business, one of the most difficult things to do is keep capital expenditures under control. By leveraging virtualization technology with Desktop Virtualization, and economies of scale, Cloud Computing is a way to access enterprise-grade IT, that would otherwise be too costly to purchase and maintain.  For instance, with Cloud Computing, rather than buying an IT infrastructure, that’s designed to anticipate future growth (i.e. purchasing resources that may remain idle for months), you operate on a “pay as you go” model that lets you ‘rent’ an enterprise-grade IT Infrastructure that meets your requirements in the present time.

The name of the game with Cloud Computing is infinite stability.  If your requirements fluctuate, so can your Cloud resources.  Need more memory?  No problem.  More storage?  Another server?  Your Cloud provider has it all “on tap.”  Simply provide your scalability needs, and adjustments can be made seamlessly and quickly on the back-end; a particularly powerful tool both in times of growth and downsizing.

Dynamic scaling, usage-based pricing, reduced costs and access to superior IT resources are just some of the many benefits of Cloud Computing- not to mention the freedom to focus on your core business.  Click here to learn more about how Cloud Computing can help your business create value.

This is part 6 of a 6-part series of Bytes on: “What is Cloud Computing?”

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