Posted by Renee Schmidt

If you have been keen on the iPhone release date, you have been anticipating the yet-to-be released iPhone 5 anytime between now and late this year. Know Your Mobile has spread the word that the new gadget will be due for release come August 7 th 2012 but from the look of things, that is an uncertainty, especially after Apple has shown no concern toward addressing any speculations. 

As the wave of uncertainty continues to cloud the actual release, other sources suggest that September 12 will be the official iPhone release date. However, as witnessed before, this could be a tentative release date rumored through the media to spark a war with competitors, prompting them to make counter announcements during IFA 2012, the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances (going on now through  August 5th). On the same note, it is widely expected that we may be in for a double-wammy, should Apple announce both the much-anticipated iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini, and perhaps other new devices all at once!

With respect to the iPhone 5, photos of the front and back plates were leaked as early as May and have given ground to earlier rumors from the Daily Mail, Business Insider, Beatweek, and a host of other frontrunners about the size and shape of the device. To credit these leaked reports, video evidence from eTrade Supply reflected a new design of speaker grills and relocated audio jack. And if that was not enough; an even more detailed video was posted to YouTube earlier in June. However, Apple is still mum on the iPhone release date –perhaps only to keep the buzz going!

So far, no one has claimed to have seen the masterpiece in full just yet, but a Chinese company can take credit for having a fully assembled chassis for the iPhone 5 that goes further to exhibit the slight changes made on the dock (it is now smaller), front camera now placed at the center, and a 2-toned back.

Are we brave enough for the battle of the century? After Samsung’s successful launch of their Galaxy S III, and the untimely death of Steve Jobs (RIP), some critics argued that that was the last of Apple. Others had hopes, however, that Samsung would only prompt Apple to give us another unstoppable device, one not of this world. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 and Google’s Android 4.1 have certainly given Apple something to top. Therefore a lot is expected on the new iOS from Apple; it’s an operating system that’s going to bring in a host of technical changes with it. So roll up your sleeves; we haven’t seen anything like it yet!

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