Posted by Renee Schmidt

Who needs cable and wires anyway? Thankfully, the days of  unsightly cables and wires are a thing of the past. Wireless technology isn’t just reserved for the Internet and telecommunications (wireless electricity too!). Today, the best modern technologies are ‘going wireless.’ Everything from bluetooth surround sound speaker systems to wireless printers that run on your home or office wireless network.

Wireless printers aren’t just what you think of when you think of WiFi… they mean you don’t have to physically near the printer. You can be working from home – without a printer – and log onto your employee network and print to any one of the connected printers in the office. Alternatively, you can be at work and log into your home network, and print to your home printer.  These days, you can even print from mobile devices such as a Blackberry or an iPhone. I’m personally looking for a new printer/scanner/copier; in my research, I got blown away by the large wireless printer selection –which was the inspiration for this post!

Here are some findings:

  • Home Office: One of the best budget options available is the Epson sx445w 3-in-1 wireless printer, copier and scanner. At just $97, it’s an outstanding value.  Its compact small size means it’ll easily fit into your home office or study. I really like its automatic wireless set-up, for the less technically savvy amongst us.  It comes with separate ink cartridges, which result in up to 34% in ink savings compared to combined ink cartridges. This wireless printer can easily hooks up with your smartphone or tablet to print documents as well as photos.
  • Business: A great wireless printer for small business is the Samsung ML-2955DW Mono Laser Printer. This wireless model is $250, but the extra spend is well worth it, especially if you’re considerate of environment (an Eco Friendly print setting means you can shrink your carbon footprint).  I also like that it’s marketed as ‘quiet’ even at speed (if you’ve sat at the cubicle next to the office printer; you can appreciate this!)
  • Photo Printing: If you’re after a top-notch photo printer, the Kodak Hero 7.1 3-in-1 printer, scanner and copier is ideal. Its wireless technology means you can even print direct from Wi-Fi enabled cameras as well as smart phones and tablets. You can also make use of the double-sided print option to produce brochures and leaflets.

I’m still in search of my future scanner/printer/fax wonder machine –I’ll keep you posted when I select it!