Posted by Jesse Braunstein

What is Stuxnet and why you need to know about it! 

As the world’s course progresses, everything is becoming increasingly sophisticated and advanced. Weapons are no exception to this rule.

Mankind started off “primitively” with clubs, and slingshots and too quickly (if you ask me), made it to the sub machine gun, and nuclear warfare.

Because of this technological evolution, it is no surprise that hackers, programmers and to be completely honest; software geeks, are the front lines of the future. We need to be more careful than ever when securing our information.

Stuxnet; a “computer worm” discovered in 2010; is a virus which is exactly the type of modern warfare we should get used to seeing.

The video below does an excellent job of explaining what Stuxnet is, what it does and what it means for the future of weaponry:

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