Posted by Renee Schmidt

Wix website builder provides easy options to build a website. Read our Wix review and learn how you can create a professional website with only a few clicks!

We are living in a web-focused era where everybody has or at least wants to have a good looking website. For those who have IT knowledge, it’s easy to build a site. But what about those who are not very tech savvy? It can be tough (and expensive) to build a website from scratch! However, rest assured, there are tools out there to make website creation a breeze. 

Wix Review
Wix, founded in 2006, addresses this very common problem and provides a simple click-and-apply interface for building websites. The Wix website builder provides an impressive array of photogenic and eye-catching themes that you can choose for your website. Editing a theme and adding new pictures, pages, and content is almost effortless. You don’t have to know anything about coding or creating websites in order to use Wix. By simple clicks, drags and drops within the Wix website builder, you can create a site that looks like you’ve hired a web pro. The Wix editor is available in eight languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Polish and Italian)  but users can use Wix to create websites in any language they choose.

Wix is the perfect platform to develop an HTML5 website for people from any background and profession. It is very easy to use and can create a wow-factor site at the same time. You can easily add slides and animations that show case your website and make it look professional. The best part is, should you encounter any issues or just need general help about creating your website, Wix’s support team is available 24/7 to assist you!

Not only that, Wix’ HTML5 technology guarantees that your website will look great mobile to desktop. What’s more, there’s even a tool for creating a Facebook page to match the look and feel of your site. You can also choose to implement Instagram, chat, Tumblr, and contact forms into your website; simply choose your widgets/plugins from an open market.

Wix Review – Cont’d
Wix website builder offers free as well as paid options for website building. By using the free version, you can have a web address on the Wix domain. If you subscribe to the paid version of Wix, you can host your website on your own unique domain, to fit your business or personal needs. In case you already have a domain, you can easily point it to your Wix-based website.

Some Fun Facts about Wix
I had the pleasure of meeting the Wix executive team as part of a technology delegation, while I was visiting Israel in October of 2012.  Here are some fun facts you may not know about the the company:

  • Wix has over 25 million users, addition 1 million per month. The user base ranges from big businesses to parents creating a site for baby photos.
  • The Wix office has a ‘new user’ screen, a large monitor that pans to wherever in the world a new users has just registered! Check out the image (bottom right):
  • The Wix business model is based on ‘freemium’.  You can have a free URL on Wix’s domain. For a premium, users can connect to their own domain, or remove Wix branding.
  • The Wix office is set on the beach! Located in Tel Aviv, Israel. ‪ Check out the image:
  • The company creates a strong social vibe in addition to a work vibe by having regular social events for fun.
  • Wix’s semi-annual strategy “sessions” have taken place in a swimming pool or even at the beach, where there are no cell phones but the employees are still having fun!
My final Wix review: Wix is an awesome company that’s created an even more awesome web publishing and web building tool! Since you can get started for free, what are you waiting for? Try Wix today!