Posted by Renee Schmidt


Change your typing experience with these Keyboard Apps for Android.

If you’re using an Android smartphone or tablet, you may want to maximize the experience. Apart from exploring the device’s powerful features and different apps that maximize hardware capabilities, you may want to consider replacing its native keyboard as well. Put simply, if you use your Android phone to write emails, chat with friends, or to write an occasional blog post, you definitely ought to look at some of the alternate keyboard apps for Android.┬áSince the keyboard is basically just an app, you can easily install a new one from the Play store to replace the one you’ve got. Here are some of the best keyboard apps for Android and why you should check them out.

The 5 Best Keyboard Apps for Android

  1. Hacker’s Keyboard: Unlike its name, this app is for everyone, not just Hackers. If you need a full keyboard on Android that doesn’t have any keys missing, then Hacker’s keyboard is the way to go. The keyboard comes with a full key layout, similar to your laptop or desktop PC keyboard. You will have separate option for numbers and you will find punctuation keys as well. The keyboard also gives you the options to add arrow keys if you like, easily making it one of the best keyboard apps for Android.
  2. Swype Keyboard: Swype, as the name suggests, lets you swype the keyboard without having to lift your finger. It works best if you type fast since you can cruise on the keys to type without having to press them. The Swype keyboard may not seem like the right way to type, but with its predictive text, you can get hooked onto it within no time. Just practice a little and you will start typing as fast as you do on your laptop.
  3. Anysoft Keyboard: Anysoft is another excellent choice when it comes to replacing the native Android keyboard. The keyboard supports multiple dictionaries, meaning you don’t always have to add a word to the dictionary just to spell it right next time. You can use volume keys on your device to navigate the text as you type.
  4. SwiftKey keyboard: SwiftKey is a modern keyboard for Android. It gives you a complete keyboard with many layout options. For instance, you can change the color theme as well as button layout, features that are not possible with the native keyboard.
  5. Smart Keyboard: Smart Keyboard lets you change color, theme, layout and even language. If you’re in the habit of typing hard, the Smart Keyboard will let you adjust touch sensitivity to suit your finger pressure as well.

If you try these out, let me know which ones you love!