Posted by Jason Moriarty

If you’ve ever been told that you need to project more in meetings; I have the perfect solution; a Pico, pocket sized handheld projector! These super-compact, super-light, super-awesome projectors can fit into your pocket and project a crisp, bright image up to 60” wide.

My favorite thing about the pocket Pico is that it can wirelessly connect to your computer, smartphone, or camera so your audience can see what you see. Just be sure to turn your phone on airplane mode as you don’t want a surprise sex(t) message from your Albanian mistress during a presentation.

If you are savvy a business man I would highly recommend busting this out at your next meeting, the cool factor alone would probably win over your clients. Or, if you are a savvy nerd like me you can use the Pico in all sorts of ways; like projecting ghosts and goblins on the wall of your apartment to freak out your roommate.

If you are a patient individual this technology will soon be incorporated into smartphones so you won’t need two separate pieces of equipment. There is one phone on the market now, the Samsung Beam, with a projector built in but my sources tell me the projector isn’t quite up to snuff yet.

So, until smartphones catch up, grab the super-cool Pico Pocket Projector – just don’t try to say the name three times fast as you are bound to get tongue-tied .