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Wondering “Am I addicted to Facebook?” You could be, according to Norwegian researcher, Cecilie Schou Andreasson, who claims Facebook Addiction is a real threat.

Suffice it to say, addictions are rough! People can become addicted to many things: food, video games, the Internet, sex, and drugs, to name a few.  Some people are considered to have a clinical iPhone addiction and – believe it or not –there are even people who are addicted to love!

Norwegian researcher, Cecilie Schou Andreasson claims that there is a new type of addiction, a social networking addiction of sorts, also known as “Facebook Addiction.”

Andreasson claims that those who suffer from Facebook Addiction feel extreme anxiety when in withdrawal, which can lead to mood swings. For the most part, these addicts are people who can’t live a day without checking their personal Facebook account (in fact, some can’t make it half a day without wanting to know ‘what’s happening’ in their Facebook timeline).

Andreasson reasons that though Facebook is not a drug, the factors that make for an addiction are present. For instance, Facebook addicts think that their Facebook account is the most important thing in their lives. Second, they feel ‘high’ when they are ‘using’ Facebook. Third, they get hooked and can’t begin to cope without Facebook. Fourth, they feel anxiety and discomfort when they are unable to check their Facebook. And fifth, their life is engulfed by Facebook related activities (constantly updating status or uploading photos) and they can no longer feel joy or happiness while doing other things.

Andreasson has published her Facebook Addiction theory in Psychological Reports. Eighteen questions were posed to alleged Facebook addicts, however, most of the subject only replied to the first six questions, making other psychologists question the complete validity of her theory.

British psychologist Mark Griffiths dismisses the idea of a Facebook or social network addiction. He reasons that the facts do not add up and that “Facebook Addition,” per se, may not be an addiction because there are other things on Facebook that become involved with while logged on. There is gaming, chatting and using the Facebook camera to name a few. He also cited that there are other services that Facebook does for its user. People can be writing notes on Facebook, for instance, or playing a word game. The analogy he cited is this: people who are alcoholics are not always people who are addicted to bars. He also pointed out that Facebook is different from other social networks, so to call it a Facebook Addiction is unacceptable.

Fox News, however, has reported theories similar to Andreasson. Within their report, they found that people do suffer from Facebook and Twitter addictions, adding that women and kids were more “at risk.”

If this is true, how do people who are Facebook addicts manage their addiction? I guess first, you must admit you have a problem.  Next, give yourself a limited number of hours, let’s say an hour a day for Facebook or Twitter. Lastly, you may seek help at  Do you wonder “Am I addicted to Facebook?” Take a Facebook Addiction quiz to find out.

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