Posted by Renee Schmidt

Watching TV is a favorite American past time, however, what most American’s never consider, is that most people in the world don’t have the same luxury.  That’s because most places around the globe don’t have American television coverage with our favorite programs –in many countries the broadcasts we watch and love are blocked. That’s where UnoTelly comes in.

UnoTelly delivers American TV shows outside the US, via the web. It’s a DNS-based system that allows customers to watch their favorite TV channels wherever they are, with any device they have, without restrictions. UnoTelly is compatible with computers, televisions, mobile phones and tablets. It works with Windows, Mac and Linux and is also compatible with Android, iPhone, Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, and BluRay players among others. If you have internet connection, UnoTelly lets you watch your favorite programs from virtually anywhere.

The variety of available channels is fantastic, with access to Netflix and Zulu even when they are geographically blocked –for TV and movies on demand. UnoTelly brings the American TV experience to non-US territories. It covers everything from TV shows, music channels and sports. UnoTelly even has radio streaming available as well.

You have to setup UnoTelly on each device you want to use but the setup process is simple. The system walks you through the entire installation process with clear and concise instructions. If you are technically challenged, UnoTelly has a support team that’s readily available to help you.

UnoTelly offers 3 types of accounts: Free, Premium and Gold. The free account provides access to 14 basic channels including Fox, Amazon, Crackle and MTV. The premium account at $4.95 per month includes the free channels plus channels like ESPN, Netflix, Zulu, Vudu, Discovery and NBC. The Gold account at $7.95 a month includes premium and free channels plus channels like History, National Geographic and Nickelodeon.

What’s nice is that the system does not slow down the performance of the device you’re running it on. You’re still able to browse other applications with ease. For smooth performance, UnoTelly gets an A+ rating.

So do I recommend the system? Absolutely! I would suggest trying out the free account first (who doesn’t love FREE?). You can upgrade to Premium or Gold depending on your TV demands, so you can enjoy American TV –anywhere.

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