Posted by Renee Schmidt

Fooducate, an app for healthy food, uses an innovative algorithm to rate food products according to the information on their label as well as the ingredients within it.

When it comes to buying healthy food, most parents have no idea what they are buying. Even if you start focusing on ingredients and fats, with ever changing dietary findings, it’s difficult to know what’s healthy. Similarly, families may have a tough time deciding whether to avoid food coloring or not. Parents also have issues deciding about ingredients such as nitrates, breakfast cereals, trans fats, etc. For most people, it is tough to make a rational decision based on the information we are inundated with each day. With manufacturers making so many claims about their products, who knows what’s accurate. Fortunately, there’s an app to take the guesswork out of healthy eating.

Fooducate, an app for healthy food, provides food grading for food products, including beverages. With a 10 level grading system (A, A+, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, and D), Fooducate ranks foods automatically using a complex algorithm. Just scan a product’s barcode and with the help of Fooducate you’ll be able to easily decide which food to buy and which to let go. It can also help when you’re shopping with your kids –simply give your children the app and tell them anything with, say, a B+ is okay. Shopping becomes fun and you’re not longer the bad cop!

Fooducate considers product categories before adding and rating products within their extensive database. You can search through the Fooducate database by category (such as cereals, yogurt, bread, etc). For each category, some ingredients will add additional value while others will lower the rating (ex: fiber, fortified vitamins, etc) so you get to see the good, the bad and the ugly for each item. You can also compare items side by side to see which is the right choice for your household.

Fooducate is a great app for healthy food. Anyone looking to learn more about what they are consuming will greatly appreciate this innovate application. And, as the Fooducate site states, it “is NOT funded or influenced by food manufacturers, supplement companies, diets, or any sort of magic pill.” This means you can count on unbiased information! Learn more and download the app by visiting Fooducate.