Posted by Renee Schmidt

MediSafe, an app for medication, helps patients take their medicine on time, even alerting them about prescription refills. The app goes a step further to loop in the patient’s family and friends, to improve the patient’s overall health and wellness.

It’s fact that an American dies every 19 minutes because they missed their medication or took it incorrectly. That’s an alarming statistic!

Historically it’s been nearly impossible to remind or monitor those on medication at all times –especially if the patient is prone to forgetfulness due to their illness. And even in the less extreme circumstance, where death is averted, a few medication slips up for a patient can significantly affect that person’s health in the long-term, potentially causing them a huge increase in their healthcare expenses. This massive problem of medication non-compliance already costs over $100 billion annually to U.S hospitals!

Thankfully there’s a new technology that can help –it’s called MediSafe, an app for mediation that lets a patient set reminders to take their medication on time. But wait… are you thinking of a time when you’ve set an important reminder but you blew through it anyway? It happens to me all the time! Well, the creators of the MediSafe app for medication had that in mind when they designed added functionality that notifies family members and friends that their loved one has forgotten to take their medicine.

The MediSafe app is highly interactive. Once you’ve taken your medicine, you use your phone’s touch screen to drag pills to an on screen ‘open mouth,’ to signify you’ve taken your pills. The app will then sync the data and update your caretaker. You can even get alerts that your prescription needs refill, and those can be shared as well. If you’re not interested in sharing any of your data, with advanced privacy settings, you can easily control whether you share the data with your caretaker or not.

With this awesome app and increased support from family and friends, problems of forgetfulness and medication non-compliance are easily solved. The Medisafe app for medication doesn’t only promote health and wellness; it also reduces healthcare costs in the long-term. With an ecosystem created around a patient, the chances of serious health complications and mortality are greatly reduced. The app is a really awesome innovation for not only the medicated but also for the government, HMOs, family members, friends and caretakers.

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