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Apple rumors are already circulating the web. Many are speculating on the different possible products, everyone’s favorite tech goliath; Apple could potentially roll out in the coming year.

2012 is upon us!

2011 saw Apple release its iPhone 4S, and to many disappointed faces, not the iPhone 5.

SheBytes has already begun tracking the inevitable iPad 3, but we’d like to turn our attention to one of Apple’s less successful and current products:

Apple TV

Available at just $99, this little box will make your HD TV a center for all of your content including photos, music, videos and of course iTunes downloaded data.

A recent piece on Apple predictions for 2012 on TechnoBuffalo, raises the possibility that this year, Apple will expand beyond this first foray into the TV market and go for a more head on approach; releasing an actual Apple TV, yeah…HD screen and all.

Of course, if Apple does go ahead and come out with its own line of televisions, I’m sure the sets will be relatively minimalistic even by Apple’s standards. Expect a big blank screen, maybe a thin silver lining (or maybe an edge to edge screen), surrounding a beautiful picture quality capable machine, and of course an Apple logo somewhere on the unit. It will certainly come built in with the current Apple TV capabilities so that you will always be connected to the Internet and the iCloud.

But this raises the important question of whether Apple really needs or should go further into the TV business at all.

With falling TV prices it seems that profit margins are evaporating faster than new technologies can even be incorporated into the majority of units. Additionally, Apple knows that it will be behind in that hundreds of other TV producers have been in the business for years.

Why would Apple want to get into a market where they will have an increasingly hard time profiting from the products they make?

Because of this, I do believe that if Apple does venture into the TV business, it would only do so with some type of innovation, some technology which has been until now unseen and unheard of. This way they will be able to steal away clientele from other companies by luring them with their own TV developments.

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