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We have five tips and tricks for the new Apple iOS 5 operating system, released earlier in the week.  We have been playing around with it a few days and couldn’t be more excited about the new features!  

1. Notification Centre

Possibly the most awaited feature, a nicely organized notifications centre, can be accessed by swiping down with your fingers from the top of the screen.  It slides down by letting you view your widgets (weather and stocks) and any new messages and updates.  If you go to  Settings > Notifications, you can select apps to appear in the Notification Centre according to your personal preferences.

2. Easier Camera Access

A great feature if you want to make a quick snapshot without unlocking your phone!  You can double tap the home button while your phone is locked, and a camera icon will appear.

3. Auto Focus Lock

Another camera feature, lets you use AE/AF lock , to lock your target and exposure.  To access this feature, tap and hold on the point of focus on screen.  When you see a message appear at the bottom of your screen “AE/AF lock” , select it; it will greatly increase the quality of shots, even if you have not yet upgraded to the iPhone 4s.

4. Quick Message Reply

Graphically, a very nicely designed feature, with quick message reply you can set up for your messages to pop up in an Alert, with the Badge App Icon.  To set it up, go to Settings > Notification > Messages.  Now when you receive a message you can tap on the icon and drag to reply instantly.

5. SIRI (iPhone 4S models only)

To access the most exciting new iPhone 4S update, a voice controlled assistant, press and hold the home button until you see a mic icon appear.

Can I mention that we LOVE Apple dominating the tech space a little more than usual this month, with its newly released iOS5 and an updated iPhone 4S. We are excited to write more reviews, so stay tuned!

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