Posted by Renee Schmidt


What if the real YOU could be recognized through an archetype? What if that archetype could help you to better understand why you’re attracted towards a particular person or why you want to buy from certain brands. Wouldn’t understanding yourself in that way improve your life dramatically? If you’re indecisive, wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could find out about products, services, publications, and music that’s perfectly suited to your personality type?

Although this may sound futuristic, it’s not. It’s modern technology. With the help of a personality test and some algorithms, ArchetypeMe, a NY-based startup, has developed a platform that can divide individuals into different ‘archetypes.’ Taken a step further, once those archetypes are identified, users then receive a feed of recommended products, services, publications, music and more.

“We’re a new kind of website where users can learn more about themselves, others, and their community in a transformative way, all through the lens of archetypes,” said Eunice Byun, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Archetypes, Inc. “We’re one of the only companies out there that’s filtering content and community based on an individual’s persona and identity, creating an entirely unique online experience. We’re excited to launch a site that helps people discover more of what’s right for them, all starting with just one simple quiz to better answer the question ‘Who are you?’”

ArchetypeMe determines someone’s personality type (Jungian Archetypes define many basic archetypes for personality) and then tailors services and products accordingly. The company can help you with everything from reading material to beauty products, all perfectly suited to your unique personality. What’s more, the company will also be producing videos to help you understand how your achetype influences your personality over time, and how knowing your archetype can help you improve your life in general.

The philosophy behind ArchetypeMe is that knowing your own Archetype will help you connect to a better way of understanding the world around you. That’s because knowing your basic patterns can help you make better (and easier) choices, so you can have more fulfillment in your life.

Are you ready to begin your journey? If so, take the simple Archetype quiz at And don’t forget to let me know how it goes!