Posted by Jason Moriarty

Jawbone’s “UP”: every once in awhile an new piece of technology comes out that has that wow factor, and quite frankly blows my mind into the stratosphere – Jawbone’s “UP” does just that. UP looks like an innocent cute little rubber bracelet; but this little bracelet packs a big punch, check out the feature list below:

  • Track your activity as you move around; you can measure steps, distance, and even calculate calories!
  • Track sleep patterns so you know your quality of sleep
  • Track meals so you don’t over or under eat
  • Compete with friends so you can keep motivated

UP works in conjunction with the corresponding app on your iPhone so you can track progress on the go. This is the perfect combination of technology, health, and awesomeness. I’m going to be honest – if I don’t get one of these hot wristbands for the holidays I am going to start disowning some friends.

Retails for $99.99 with free app download!  Read more about UP on Jawbone’s website by clicking here.

Hopefully if I get one of these for the holiday’s (hint, hint) I can follow this post up with a review!