Posted by Renee Schmidt

Dieting is hard but Autom makes it easier.

Almost everyone has at one time or another been on a diet, and the majority of you will agree it’s not easy. The fact is, no one likes being forced to adhere to a strict dieting regiment, a precise food plan or exercise routine when its time consuming, more expensive and really hard on a person’s willpower. Because of these factors, most diet attempts are doomed to fail, or get pushed off indefinitely.

Autom is set to change all of that.

I first heard about Autom on TechCrunch, who pin her as an “intelligent diet robot”. With other current robots tending to look and think like Roomba, I tend to agree that Autom is a step ahead of her cousins.

But why in the world would someone listen to a robot, when they won’t even listen to themselves?!

I think the key to Autom’s success will be in just how effective and natural of a personal trainer she can become. People don’t need a stifling diet to make them lose weight, what they need is motivation.

For all of us who’ve seen even one episode of “The Biggest Loser”, we know that the reason these people are able to lose so much weight is because of the incredible moral support and inspirational system in the environment the show and its trainers set up.

If you think that Autom will lose weight for you, like that BowFlex TreadClimber still in the box, that you bought yourself a few years ago, you’re mistaken.

What Autom will offer is companionship in assessing the nutritional self. She engages you in conversation.

She makes you want to keep track of what you eat and how much you exercise, because just like a friend or spouse, she’ll ask you about it later. I believe this is a bright step in the right direction of incorporating fields like Social Psychology into technology to make the products more intuitive.

What Autom really offers is self-accountability.

When she asks you what you’re eating and you look down at your hand and see a cupcake, you know you’re only cheating yourself.

On the other hand, you’ll be happy to let Autom know when you’re staying healthy by working out and eating right which is why I think Autom can be the diet system of the future.

That’s saying a lot for a robot with big eyes and no legs…