Posted by Renee Schmidt


The Nespresso BabyNes makes formula for your baby a digital endeavor! 

If you’re a coffee fanatic like me, it’s likely you’re familiar with Nespresso –a home espresso maker that uses pods to make espresso on the fly.  Nestlé, the company that pioneered Nespresso, has now evolved its product into a new and innovative twist on an old concept: The BabyNes.

The BabyNes uses the same pod-technology to heat up capsules of Nestlé baby formula.  Besides the obvious convenience of having your formula “on tap” and ready for delivery into an awaiting bottle, the machine eliminates the hassle of clump formation from mixing powdered formula.

I’m not a mom but I have lots of girlfriends who have shared anecdotal tales of midnight feedings: searching for or scrubbing a clean bottle, mixing and warming formula, and then waiting for it to cool to the right temperature.  Hassle no more –The BabyNes makes it simple… it’s even operated with just one hand so you’re free to use the other to handle your tot.

For global release in 2012 – $300.

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