Posted by Renee Schmidt


American women don’t realize just how lucky we are.  There are many basic rights we have today, that are taken for granted; rights that just a century ago were unheard of.

I came across a list of 9 really good ones. They gave me a good awakening so I thought I would share. Here are my top 4 picks:

  1. The right to own our own property. A woman’s name was first permitted on a deed in the mid-1800s. The catch? She needed her husband’s permission.
  2. The right to choose to have children, or not. Sure, there was a birth control movement in the seventies; but the struggle for the right started way earlier than that. 
  3. The right to go to college. Education for woman was low on the priority list; in 1870, just one-fifth higher-education students were women. Today, women outnumber men on campus.
  4. The right to NOT have sex with our husbands. In 1976, the court established that it is illegal for a husband to rape his wife. That was only 35 years ago!  Shocking!

Full list of 9 [via]