Posted by Jesse Braunstein

If you like deal hunting, CraigsPro+, is the best app for you and it can be purchased right here, for only $1.99!

Are you the type of person who only buys things when they’re on sale? Do you enjoy frequent hondeling? Do you savor the hunt more than the results?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, (and lets be honest, who doesn’t relish a good bargain?), then you must get CraigsPro +.

At its most basic level, CraigsPro + is essentially Craigslist, for your mobile device. If you don’t know what Craigslist is (although there may be something wrong with you), I’ll briefly explain. Craigslist is a website designed to bring people looking for something (a product or service), and those offering something, together online; via extremely simplistic site features and functions.

Use CraigsPro + to, you guessed it; browse and post things on Craigslist, straight from your device!

You can take pictures with your device’s camera and use them in your listing (perfect for real estate brokers, in the city). A super helpful “Already Seen” green check-mark will appear next to listings you’ve already browsed through. You can even filter search results by handy parameters such as “date, best match, or low/high price”.

In addition, one of my favorite features is the ability to set up “Search Agents” that will notify you “as soon as an item you’ve been searching for crops up”, so you never miss that key purchasing opportunity. A cute add-on feature is the ability to shake your iPhone to return to your original search page.

Purchase CraigsPro +, start browsing, and let us know what you think, below!

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