Posted by Renee Schmidt


The single best travel accessory is this digital scale for luggage –it’ll save you money!

Airlines nickel and dime flyers like never before.  Once upon a time, long, long ago, a flight meant free food, a blanket, and even a pillow.  Now you’re lucky if the headset is free and there’s a bag of pretzels involved.  What’s worse: we even have to pay for our luggage!  While most airlines let you get away with your first checked bag free, there’s a catch: it must be less than 50lbs.  Unfortunately for me, my checked bag always comes in at a static weight of 53lbs (not even a joke – always 53lbs, spot on).  To avoid a nice hefty checked-bag fee, I’ll usually end up with my bag spread-eagle on the airport floor; rummaging thru and pulling out 3lbs worth of carry-on items.  It works for avoiding a charge, but I’m then left with a few extra carry-on lbs to lug onto the plane. That’s why when I came upon this Digital Luggage Scale by Balanzza, I was amazed by how brilliant, useful and inexpensive it is! 

To use, simply attach the strap of the Balanzza to the object or luggage, lift it off the ground for a few seconds until you hear a beep sound that indicates the weight has been locked on the display; set the bag down, and read the weight on the screen. Simplicity! ($19.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond)