Posted by Renee Schmidt

Have you been looking for that perfect app to let you know that winter weather is on its way?

Well just welcome Winter Wake-Up (say that five times fast), to your device!

Although it’s been quite some time since our “Best 30 Apps For…” series, SheBytes recognizes that some apps are just too great to go by without mention and this new app by the team at Boondoggle is right on target.

The concept is clear cut: make an app so that no matter what happens during the night; rain, sleet or snow, you will always be prepared. It has very flexible and intuitively customizable preferences so you can make the app work best for you.

I love the picture above because it summarizes what Winter Wake-Up is all about, including it’s God send feature that gives you “the option to not have the alarm go off if the winter weather is simply too hopeless to travel in”…right on!

Download Winter Wake-Up here for free and give it a try for yourself…

Simple design, clever execution, awesome app!