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Here are the best apps for women, assembled so women with a busy lifestyle can download the latest and greatest apps without spending hours on research.

Multi-tasking is part of a woman’s life whether she is a student, a mother, or a business executive. With the help of modern electronic devices, women can easily keep up with their busy routine. Here are some of the best apps for women that can help increase efficiency and keep you up-to-date.

The Best Apps for Women: iPhone

iPhone is king of modern devices. With thousands of apps in the iTunes store, it’s hard to discern which are the best apps for women (like iPeriod, an app you won’t find written about on Engadget, Gizmodo, or Tech Crunch). Here are our picks to make app choosing for women a little easier:

Awesome Note: Awesome Note costs $3.99 but provides all the features you want but can’t find in free note taking apps. You can set alarms in advance and create sub-lists. The app has a clean interface and even lets you sync with Google.

ClockIn: This free app is perfect for women working from home. It records time and allows you to send timesheet to your clients. You can also download timesheet for your personal record.

Dinner Spinner: Great for coming up with cooking ideas! There is a free version available but if you want full functionality, you’ll have to buy the Pro version (priced at $2.99). The pro version features advance search options so that you can search for recipes based on ingredients. You can also share and save recipes using a phone-friendly app interface.

iBody: The app costs $9.99 but provides excellent value for the money through its long list of features. You can get the perfect body shape by tracking your weight loss campaign through this intuitive app. The app keeps track of weight, fitness and blood values and serves as a fitness journal for your daily workout.

Instagram: This free app is for everyone with an iPhone. It turns your regular iPhone camera into an ‘awesome’ camera. Read more about Instagram 3.0.

The Best Apps for Women: Android

Android devices are becoming increasingly popular, and many women are now switching to Android phones due to their exceptional capabilities and rich app store. If you are looking for apps specifically designed for women, you may be a little lost among hundreds of apps coming from developers of all kinds. Here is a list of the best apps for women from the Android Market:

OurGroceries: It’s a grocery list with every feature you can ask for. OurGroceries is definitely the first app women should install on their new Android device.

Shopsavvy Barcode Scanner: This barcode scanner app lets you handle money judiciously. When you have the app installed in your Android device, you will be able to comparison check prices as you shop. The app is perfect for staying economically efficient.

Kindle: Now you can access your Kindle library on your android device! Read your favorite books, from anywhere.

Jorte: A personal organizing app for women. The app comes with plenty of innovative features such as quick note taking, list making, and even setting up reminders.

Pocket Yoga: Your personal yoga teacher. You can have it in your pocket and use it whenever and wherever you need it; stay fit and healthy on the go!

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