Posted by Renee Schmidt

Have you heard of Mobiband? Mobiband is a bluetooth (wireless) headset that allows you to jog on the treadmill and listen to your favorite music, while having the option to reject an exs phone calls all at once! The headset has a hidden microphone with simple one-click functionality to answer calls, end calls, and reject calls —or even redial and transfer calls.

I was excited to review this headset because of its Bluetooth functionality, namely because I’m tired of tripping the wires on other headsets only to find my iPhone on the floor.  My first order of business was to try this headset on in the gym (how annoying is it to get off the treadmill, recollect a phone, and turn the music back on, after tripping an obtrusive wire?). To my surprise, the Mobiband headset was actually quite comfortable, even in the gym where I was sure it would get hot and uncomfortable in no time.

I next tried the headset while taking a conference call and I was surprised by how comfortable it was, and how clear the call quality was (on both ends of the line). I noticed quite a few new yorkers sporting this headset and originally I was concerned it would be uncomfortable because it looks rather bulky and I’m used to having earbud headsets. Although the headset is a little on the bulky side, it does have a compact folding design that shrinks them down nicely. More surprisingly, it didn’t hurt my ears after an hour or so of wear.

In terms of battery life, I charged the set once with the included USB and with moderate use, the battery life has held up pretty well for more than a few days. Overall, I found the Mobiband’s to be stylish, comfortable, and convenient. I connected the headset to my iPhone with minimal friction and now it reconnects automatically once I turn my Mobiband’s on. I have the headset in the white rubberized matte finish but it’s available in black as well.The headset retails for $99.99 but right now you can purchase them with an instant rebate for only $49.99; a pretty good investment if you ask me!

Better than a smashed iPhone screen as a result of tripping a headset wire…