Posted by Renee Schmidt

Brikk Trim iPhone cases aren’t for everyone.

This statement is all the more true if we’re talking about the German company’s diamond encrusted iPhone case sure to break your monthly accessory budget.

The Trim Couture Infinite will set you back an astonishing $100,000!

Covered in 21 carats of actual diamonds, Brikk may have gone slightly over the top here when it forgot that even most of the %1 can’t afford to fork over that kind of cash.

They did consider the rest of the world, however; by committing to donating a whopping 25 metric tons of rice for each of these puppies they sell.

On the “lower end” (I guess), they have a regular Trim line with Gold, Black Carbon, Platinum and Gray Stealth all available.

Here’s a sample:

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