Posted by Allison Boyer

ONDiGO is a new mobile app CRM for small business to quickly track conversations and tasks relating to their contacts.

Traditional contact relationship management systems can allow you to build better relationships with customers and potential customers. The problem? They’re really most useful for mid- to large-sized businesses, as you have to enter information into a large database. ONDiGO is a brand new CRM tool that launched this past month that solves this problem. If you’re running a small business, ONDiGO allows you to build better relationships with your contacts from the convenience of your mobile phone.

In short, this is about networking in a way that works for you.

Once you download ONDiGo to your Android smartphone, you can instantly sort your contacts into “business” or “personal,” allowing you to keep your friends and family separate from your business customers, vendors, investors, partners, and so forth. From there, you can add notes to each contact, allowing you to easily track information about each person and see the “current status” for each person.

For example, you might add a note to one of your employees that you have to send them a document when you get to your laptop, or you might add a note to a potential investor that you discussed setting up a meeting next week.

You can also color-code your contacts, prioritize your tasks, and easily search for notes by keywords, making it possible to sort your contacts quickly when you’re looking for a specific piece of information.

Not only does ONDiGO work for task reminders, but it also lets you add reminders about your conversations. The little details you remember about your meetings with people make all of the difference. You might note that your customer Joe mentioned it is his birthday next month so you remember to wish him a happy birthday the next time you see him. Or you might note that another customer, Jane, just came back from her honeymoon, so you can ask her about this trip. It makes people feel good when you remember details like that and show an interest in their lives beyond your business.

Business relationships are all about personal connections. While traditional CRMs do wonders for organizing and tracking this information, if your business is small enough that your contacts are listed on your phone, consider ONDiGO to add a layer of information about each person. Best of all, you can begin using the beta version of ONDiGo for free! Check it out today on Google Play.

Allison Boyer works with New Media Expo (NMX), a conference for bloggers, podcasters, web TV producers, and social business leaders. She also runs the food blog The PinterTest Kitchen with her mom and sister.