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Business Blogging Your Company to Success

Business blogging is a corporate tool that helps engage potential customers. Using a blog, a business can share information and knowledge with its customers and employees. However, business blogging isn’t limited to just sharing information. In fact, blogging is a common internet marketing strategy for boosting your company’s credibility and visibility on the Internet. If done properly, having a business blog can be a powerful search engine optimization (SEO) tool for generating massive traffic and web interest in your business.

Generating Traffic Through Blogging

The key to a successful blog marketing strategy is generating traffic. With the recent increase in social media usage, search engine algorithms now preference social content. Social content is content that is ‘fresh,’ dynamic, and updated frequently. If a website is static, search engines will first take notice of similar sites that are dynamic. This means that if you blog fresh content out consistently, your website will rank better on search engines. Better ranking equates to better visibility in search, which equates to more traffic to your website!

Your business can generate traffic through blogging if:

  • Your blog and blog posts capture organic traffic (search engine traffic) through strategically selected keywords. For instance, I carefully constructed the keyword density for this particular blog post to ensure that anyone searching for ‘business blogging’ will land on this page.
  • Your business blog should offer value to the reader, ensuring that readers learn something new, something they didn’t know before they came to your blog. Once you have inspired readers, they will believe you to be a credible authority on the subject mater of your blog, and this will ultimately help your business. They may also enjoy your content enough to share it with their social networks, giving you even more visibility.
  • Your business blog shouldn’t be selling. You should leave that aspect of your business to your business website. Your blog is merely a traffic generation tool, where you provide informative content that’s relevant to your business.

A simple way to check the effectiveness of your business blog is by asking someone to go through one or two of your posts and list any actions that they’d take after reading it. You can also spend some time reviewing your Google Analytics to see where visitors are going after they read your posts. Devoting some time to Analytics will help you to identify if there are any holes in your blogging strategy.

Patience and Persistence are Key                        

It’s important that you stay persistent when using blogging to generate business. Blogs don’t gather an audience overnight. In fact, some of the most popular blogs have to spend months without viral activity. With patience and careful improvement of strategy, the traffic will eventually come. If you have created a valuable blog with a lot of interesting content, that content will help you retain traffic when it eventually arrives.

Blogging for Business

Business blogging helps you establish a direct relationship with potential customers. People prefer taking advice and doing business with someone they know. Similarly, people hardly visit blogs to read lengthy sales-pitches. What readers want is value and information through content. Since you are trying to win over potential customers through your business blog, you have to substantiate whatever it is you say. Just because you say it, doesn’t make it so.

When you blog for business, you have to understand how to select the right topic. This means selecting a topic that is relevant to your business, that will  be of interest to your readers, and that includes a keyword combination that will get juice from search engines. Typically, when blogging is done without the reader in mind, reader interest will fail (no reader engagement and no return readership).

3 Tips to Engage Potential Customers Through Your Blog

Finally, here are 3 tips to help you get started:

  • Create value through your blog. Readers should leave with having learned something new.
  • Engage readers through community features such as comments and polls; give readers the ability to interact!
  • Make sure you have social media plugins that let readers share your blog posts (i.e. ‘Like,’ ‘Tweet,’ ‘Pin,’ etc).

If you like this post and you want to learn more about business blogging, I recommend you check out my eBook titled ‘How To Make Money With a Blog.’ It’s an 85-page, step-by-step guide on how to create an engaging blog, generate traffic to it, and turn that traffic into profits!

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